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Built on a Foundation of Trust

Enter a realm where investors aren't just participants. We're family


Our global communitty is a beacon of trust. We elevate one another with collective intelligence and strive for excellence in unison. Become a member of our family, united by the pursuit of knowledge and the spirit of shared success. 

Global Network 

Weekly Townhalls 

Personalized Meetings

Entrepreneurial Workshops

Empowering Investors Everywhere

Connect, Learn and Grow with the IBWT Army

Join our family of investors where everyone's victory is our common goal—inspiring and supporting each other to reach new heights of success

Global Networking

Connect with a dynamic international community of investors. Share insights, forge strategic alliances, and tap into the collective intelligence of investing enthusiasts around the world.


Personalized Appointments

Schedule one on one sessions which allow you to tailor your strategies and explore alternative paths and ideas to meet your goals.

Weekly Weekend Townhalls

Participate in our signature weekend discussions. Engage in lively discussions, learn from eachother and stay informed on the latest news, trends and forecasts in the world of investing.


Entrepreneurial Workshops

Expand your knowledge with workshops covering an array of segments which will enable you to become your own boss with confidence.

Monthly Market Updates

Stay ahead of the curve with a comprehensive monthly real estate report.
Get in-depth analysis on market movements, trend forecasts and investment opportunities. 

Responsible Investing Principles

Learn to invest with integrity. Our community upholds responsible investing principles, ensuring your make decisions that are not only profitable but also ethical and sustainable. 


Elevate your business and financial acumen with our diverse educational offerings. From mastering personal finance to navigating the entrepreneurial landscape, our hub provides the knowledge to help the "average investor" become an informed business enthusiast. 

Built on the Foundation of Trust

Our community thrives on trust, the cornerstone of all we do. We are committed to transparency and integrity, fostering a safe space for every member to share knowledge and grow confidently in business and finance.

First, download the Discord app from the IOS or Android App Store and create your account to set the stage to becoming part of the IBWT Army.

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Secure your spot in our circle by purchasing a subscription. You'll receive an invite to our Discord server where a community of enthusiasts awaits

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Embark on your educational journey within our server. Participate in discussions, access curated content, and attend workshops designed to empower your decision - making 

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